School of Education - George Mason University

Joan Packer Isenberg Endowed Scholarship

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning: Excellence in teaching and learning

Award amount: $1000

The Joan Packer Isenberg Endowed Scholarship, in collaboration with the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning Program (ASTL) and the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), recognizes excellence in teaching and learning. The award acknowledges an exemplary Master’s degree candidate who is seeking to improve the lives of learners through advanced professional development in the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) Program.

The purpose of the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) Program is to develop: research-focused, student-centered teacher leaders whose teaching practice is aligned with the five Core Propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS); teacher expertise in a selected content area; competent, knowledgeable, critically-reflective professionals who support P-12 learning, work collaboratively with colleagues, families, and communities; and teachers’ effective cultural and linguistic practices that impact student learning and support change agency.

2018-19 Applicant Eligibility

A $1000 educational award will be made by the Joan Packer Isenberg Endowed Scholarship to a distinguished teacher enrolled in the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning Program at George Mason University who has completed a minimum of the Core course EDUC 612 (2 credits) AND another course (3 credits) in either the teacher’s area of specialization or the Core; the teacher must be in good academic standing.

2018-19 Application Due Date and Submission

Applications are due no later than December 3, 2018

Completed applications will only be accepted via email. For application submission, please email the application as an attachment to: with Isenberg Scholarship and the applicant’s last name in the subject line.

For assistance or answers to any questions/concerns, please email: with Isenberg Scholarship in the subject line.

Application Process

Eligibility: Any teacher enrolled in the ASTL program, who has completed a minimum of five credits (EDUC 612 AND three additional credits), and is in good academic standing may submit an application. The completed application should be submitted by the deadline (5 PM Eastern Time).

Application and Materials

Please CLICK HERE to download the application.

Please complete and submit by email all required application information and statements.

Selection of the Exemplary ASTL Teacher Enrolled in the ASTL Program

A committee will review all nominations.

Recognition Ceremony

The award will be announced in January and later presented in Spring 2019 at a planned event.

For further information about the ASTL Program, CLICK HERE.