School of Education - George Mason University

Job opportunities are abundant, and the health advantages of being in an activity oriented profession are priceless. You will be physically active on the job. Also, you will continue to learn new and improved ways of teaching students to pursue physically active lives through your school system.

You will get to know your students well and watch them grow and develop due to your school program. At no time has physical education and physical activity been more important to children and youth!

Career options for graduates of this B.S. Ed. program include:

  • Health and physical education teacher at the elementary level
  • Health and physical education teacher at the middle or high school level
  • Driver’s Education Teacher (requires an add-on endorsement)
  • Coaching
  • Camp Director
  • Recreation Leaders
  • Youth Sport Activity Leaders

Many graduates go on to earn a master's degree. These graduates have chosen some of the following careers:

  • Administrative positions in a school (i.e. department chair, assistant principal, principal)
  • College-level instructor
  • Leaders in the profession (i.e. local and national professional associations)
  • Activity Director (formerly called Athletic Director)

The Masters in Athletic Training has a 3-2 year plan to allow PHED students to complete their B.S. Ed in Physical Education and M.S. in Athletic Training in 5 years.  Check out the plan here