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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers many benefits to teachers. IB teachers are given access to high-quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection, and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

The IB Organization is a global organization with nearly five thousand high-performing schools around the world employing over seventy thousand educators and reaching more than one million students. IB programs focus on curriculums that develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who are motivated to succeed. IB has grown in reputation and popularity, and there are now more than seventy PK–12 schools offering IB programs in Virginia, including several close to Mason.

IB educator certificates

IB certificate in teaching and learning

The IB certificate in teaching and learning offers students the opportunity to examine the principles and practices associated with one of three IB programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programmes). The courses that lead to this certificate shape pre-service, new and experienced educators into reflective practitioners and teacher researchers.

IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research

The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research allows participants to supplement their existing IB experience with rigorous, systematic investigative work to broaden their knowledge and experience. 
Participants delve deeper into curriculum development, pedagogy and assessment by exploring relevant literature and their own IB practices. 

IB leadership certificates

IB certificate in leadership practice

The IB certificate in leadership practice is designed for educators and administrators who want to improve their leadership capabilities in an IB context. Participants develop and refine their capacity to play a role in guiding a school through IB authorization.

IB advanced certificate in leadership research

The IB advanced certificate in leadership research provides a more profound understanding of leadership responsibilities and capabilities through rigorous investigative work. It includes research within IB leadership contexts as well as deep reflection on participants’ own leadership practice.

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