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Our students learn to skillfully meet instructional design challenges in any industry and apply the principles of effective e-learning to individualized courses, tutorials, games, simulations and other e-learning modules.

My experience with the IDT program was one of constant surprises. Coming in, I didn’t realize how much goes into quality learning design. It seemed almost every course had us either writing, presenting, or creating projects from day one. The curriculum is truly hands on and immersive right from the start. Not that there is any lack of assigned reading, but it’s doing that takes precedence in the program more than reading about it. I truly appreciated that approach.

Todd Irvin,
Alumni 2017

I completed the Instructional Design and Development Master's Degree Program in the Spring of 2014 while working full time as an Instructional Designer and facilitator at Booz Allen Hamilton. The professors were all so well-versed in the various components of ID, not only providing various theories that make up the art of instructional design, but maintaining the students' attention by inserting many real-life work scenarios. The staff was extremely understanding of our professional schedules, and I was able to meet all of the program's requirements with no issues in two years. The knowledge acquired in this program, coupled with the learning tools experience I gained, has given me the necessary requirements to move to New York City, taking a role at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Learning & Development Program Manager, and now as a Client Learning Manager for Capital One’s Commercial Banking business..

Gary Bushrod,
Alumni, 2014

Ying WangAfter I graduated from GMU this May and came back to China, I was very lucky to be employed by the Direct Banking Center of China Merchants Bank (CMB). My main duties are twofold. One is to check the work proficiency of employees and reward them according to their performance; and the other aspect is to organize various kinds of activities to improve the quality of both their professional and personal life. It may not sound directly linked to instructional design, but what I gained from the IDT program at Mason has irreplaceable influences on my daily job. First, I formed systematic instructional design knowledge of how to solve certain problems and realized the importance of the "clients", which taught me to see from the perspectives of the employees of CMB, to think as the they would, and to fulfill my duty in the way that they would be most satisfied about. The other thing that I benefited the most from the IDT program and appears to be very essential in my work now is the value of cooperation and teamwork. I work with a team of five colleagues. Negotiation and cooperation happens every day. The IDT program has given me a very practical platform to work on and groups of very professional fellows to work with during the two years of my graduate study, which has made my work easier at CMB.

Ying Wang,
Alumni 2014

A truly innovative and fantastic department! I went through the Instructional Design and Development Master's Degree Program and cannot say enough great things about the faculty and the program! The faculty is excellent at seamlessly marrying the learning theories to practical application of the content! There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who is seeking meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities in educational technology will achieve these goals.

Andrew Muccio,
Alumni 2011

The Master’s Program in Instructional Design and Technology well exceeded my expectations. I am a career changer and also a country changer. Given that, I found my first job at Diplomatic Language Services before I even graduated. From the very first moments at work, I felt that I am not new to the area of instructional design at all! Thanks to the perfect balance between the theoretical approaches and practical skills received during the program, I felt very confident at all stages of e-learning development in the project I was involved in. And while I know that I still have to learn plenty in the fast changing digital world, my understanding of instructional design processes and effective team work skills acquired during the program, created a solid foundation for my professional growth. Thank you very much, the GMU Faculty, for your vision and your invaluable support during the studies and after graduation!

Tamara Tarasova,
Alumni 2015

We recently hired two exceptional instructional designers from GMU’s IDT program. They bring a range of expertise from learning consulting to high end e-Learning delivery, and they are a perfect fit for our organization.

Ira O’Sullivan
Learning & Development
CACI International Inc

I have hired three candidates from your School of Education program. They are outstanding professionals and a testimony to your excellent e-learning and instructional systems program.

Patrick Brown
Division President
Axiom Resource Management

That was a really great event last night. Thanks for inviting me. You have groomed these folks into top notch ISDs.

Peter Berking

I really loved the activities we did this semester and I could feel the effectiveness of the sequence of activities in my own learning. I also really love how 730 works so well with 704, 705, and 732. I definitely feel all these classes approaching the same ill-structured problem of instructional design from different vantage points in very effective ways.

Nathan Walby
Fall 2014, Current IDT Student