School of Education - George Mason University

The program emphasizes the development of expertise in a broad professional specialization in addition to a narrow area of research focus.

Students must demonstrate the following major competencies to be awarded a PhD in Education degree:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to a variety of professional stakeholders;
  2. Knowledge of significant theory, developments, and practices in one's professional specialization and a supporting area of study (i.e., secondary specialization);
  3. Ability to understand, utilize and interpret basic principles and methodologies of educational research design and data analysis;
  4. Ability to organize efforts to solve problems, advance knowledge, test theories, and adapt information to meet professional goals;
  5. Understanding of ethical practice in research.

Individual student programs of study will enable students to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes which constitute and support these competencies. Mastery of these competencies is demonstrated by successful completion of coursework, a comprehensive portfolio assessment, a dissertation, and an oral dissertation defense.