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School of Education - George Mason University

Special Education Cohort Program

Studies indicate that cohort programs enrich members’ learning experiences as well as provide social and emotional support.

As a member of the cohort, you will find that while your program primarily mirrors that of an on-campus student, payment and registration procedures diverge from standard university processes and schedules. The cohort site provides details about cohort courses such as location, instructor, dates/times, and textbooks. It also provides information on submitting requests for registration in your cohort courses and tuition payments which you will do through the website and Cohort Blackboard site, rather than Patriotweb. Because cohort calendars do not follow standard university dates, cohort students should refer to the cohort site for policies on adding and dropping courses as well as payment policies. Refer to university, college and program resources for information relative to your program other than registration and payment.