School of Education - George Mason University

Teaching a foreign language is an opportunity to pursue a personal passion, develop international goodwill, and help U.S. students compete in a global economy.

This 27-credit certificate is designed to provide an interdisciplinary, theory-based course of study for initial licensure candidates and provisionally licensed teachers.

It is intended to assist students in developing a reflective stance toward practice and to enhance their ability to address critical issues in language and learning. It also intends to advance their fundamental understanding about language, technology, pedagogy, and culture, as well as issues related to diversity in schools and in society at large.

This graduate certificate may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.

Certificate Requirements

Praxis Core or equivalent and demonstrated proficiency in the certificate language are prerequisites for admission. Students must earn a B or higher in all coursework.

Internship Options

A six-credit, 15-week daytime internship, EDCI 794, is required for completion of the state-approved licensure program. Both elementary and middle school or secondary school placements are required. Two options are available to meet the needs of most individuals:

  • Placement Internship: One semester, daytime internship in the classroom of a cooperating teacher. Intern assumes co-teaching and independent teaching responsibilities.
  • On-the-Job Internship: Available only to students who are employed as full-time foreign language teachers and are teaching the certificate language in an accredited school.

Total: 27 credits