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“This degree is exactly the type of professional development I needed. The courses are related to the content, and they allow for research and projects to be embedded into my daily instruction and practices. I received support not only from my professors but from the other students as well to improve in different areas of my teaching!”
— Amanda Madden, MEd '21

Mason's Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) physical education concentration allows current physical education teachers to increase their content knowledge so that they can deliver an engaging, cutting-edge curriculum to their students.

The PE concentration provides course work in classroom research, curriculum development, assessment, collaborative supervision, research in pedagogy, advanced health education, and advanced adapted content. Our students increase their subject-area knowledge while also fine-tuning their teaching performance, improving learning for their students.

Where this degree concentration can take you

  • Deepen your knowledge of physical education so you can bring a more innovative curriculum to your students.
  • Aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the courses help teachers think and practice with the same level of reflection and skill as Board-certified educators (a great next step after graduating!).
  • Grow your career with the advantages of a master’s degree, including the possibility of increased pay and the opportunity to be a curriculum leader in your school.

Can I earn initial teacher licensure in this program?

No, this is not an initial licensure program. This is an advanced program for educators with one or more years of teaching experience who can draw on their classrooms as spaces for inquiry. Educators will strengthen their general and PE/Health-specific pedagogical practices to improve student engagement and learning.

Can I use graduate credits from other universities to reduce my course load?

Possibly! University policy allows for up to 12 credits (depending on the program) that have not been previously used to complete a degree to be transferred from another accredited graduate program. Consultation with an ASTL advisor is necessary to determine if and which courses may be acceptable to a specific concentration. The literacy PK-12 reading specialist concentration does not allow for substitutions. Substitutions cannot be made for the five core courses of the ASTL program (EDUC 612, EDUC 613, EDUC 614, EDUC 606, EDUC 615). Course work that is older than six years will not be accepted, even if the courses were taken at Mason.

Careers in the field

Graduates of this program have become:

  • Department chair/Team leads
  • College-level instructors
  • Leaders of local and national professional associations
  • Activity directors (formerly called athletic directors)