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ELED Ambassador Spotlight Questions

Emma Fleming
BSEd student

Where are you from?

Coeburn, Virginia.

Why did you choose to study Elementary Education at Mason?

When changing majors during my sophomore year, I felt quite lost and unsure of what my “calling” was. After liking my job as a substitute teacher, I began looking into the Elementary Education Program here at Mason. I saw how much the department cared about us, making sure we received the help that we needed all throughout our education. I also felt as if I would learn so much to take with me to my own future classroom due to the experience that my professors have in the field. I am so glad that I have chosen to study Elementary Education at Mason and know that I will leave here prepared for anything thrown my way!

Why did you decide to become an elementary teacher?

I have a passion for connecting with students and creating an environment where they feel comfortable learning and being themselves. I love helping students discover interests they have through the different activities and lessons that we do during the year, and providing specific materials in order to hone those interests and meet their educational needs.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to spend time with my friends and family, whether that is in-person or talking to my long-distance loved ones on the phone. I love to read, specifically fantasy literature! I run as a personal way to maintain my mental and physical health. Finally, when given the opportunity, I love to cook and bake to try new recipes.

What’s your favorite ELED class you’ve taken?

My favorite ELED class that I have taken is ELED 258, Children’s Literature for Teaching in Diverse Settings. It really opened my mind to the many opportunities that I have to impact my students through literature. I learned to ensure that my students both see themselves represented in literature and have an opportunity to learn about different people, ideas, cultures, and more through the books that we read. Just by having a diverse reading selection in my classroom and integrating literature into my lessons, I have the chance to instill a new passion in so many students!

What advice would you give to the students who are just starting the ELED program?

I would advise students to plan their time carefully and space out the assignments given in their classes. If things are left until the last minute, it can feel very overwhelming. I would also advise students to embrace group work and lean on their fellow cohort members when appropriate – teaching is a very collaborative career! By working together and gathering ideas from different perspectives, you will be sure to provide the best education possible.