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ELED Ambassador Spotlight Questions

McKenna Seay
Bachelor’s to Accelerated
Master’s (BAM) Student

Where are you from?

Springfield, Virginia

Why did you decide to become an elementary teacher?

I was a very nervous student in elementary school. Therefore, my goal is to create a welcoming classroom where my students are excited to go to school. I also aspire to be an elementary teacher who prioritizes social-emotional learning (SEL), music, movement, and kindness in the classroom.

Why did you choose to study Elementary Education at Mason?

I appreciate how the Elementary Education department works with Fairfax County Public Schools for field experience and internships considering I went to FCPS for all my K-12 education. I also chose Mason because the advisors and professors in the Elementary Education department have been very supportive, and I am thankful for their guidance.

What organizations are you involved with here at Mason?

I have been a member of the Educators Rising Collegiate group at George Mason University since Fall 2021. I highly recommend this group for everyone interested in education! It’s a great way to meet other students from a variety of different education majors. I am also going to be involved in the Phi Delta Kappa Chapter at Mason this school year as Vice President. I look forward to collaborating with fellow education students in this group as well!

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I often spend a lot of time on Instagram where I get inspired by teacher influencers’ ideas. I also enjoy finding quick and easy but tasty dinner recipes to cook for my family. I like to de-stress by going on walks with my family and dog Terrance. On weekends, I may be doing karaoke or looking for places with fun dancing (preferably disco!). During the school year, I enjoy substitute teaching for Fairfax County Public Schools. I often work in kindergarten classrooms where we have fun singing and dancing! Most of my free time consists of drinking a comforting cup of tea while watching TV and movies with my family.

What is your favorite ELED class you have taken so far? Why?

My favorite ELED class I have taken so far is ELED 257: Integrating Technology in PreK-6. This course is my favorite because it introduced me to coding software for children and how coding can be integrated into elementary school classrooms. I found this fascinating because I had never learned about coding software when I was in elementary school. I learned how technology has evolved since I was an elementary school student, and there are many new technological tools I can use for students.

What advice would you give to the students who are just starting the ELED program?

I would highly recommend using an online or physical agenda for your assignments! I recommend writing down all your assignment due dates and then crossing them off once you have submitted them. This has alleviated a lot of stress and helped me with time management. I also highly recommend meeting with your advisors each semester before course registration and getting started on your licensure exams as soon as you can! You got this, and always remember the ELED Ambassadors are here for you, as well as your advisors and professors!