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School of Education - George Mason University

The Mason Core is designed to complement work in a student’s chosen area of study. These classes serve as a means of discovery for students, providing a foundation for learning, connecting to potential new areas of interest and building tools for success in whatever field a student pursues.

Mason Core - Special Education Courses

EDSE 203: Disability in American Culture (Credit hours: 3)

Fulfills Mason Core requirement in Social and Behavioral Science.

Description: This course examines disability, past and present, in American culture through changes in historical, political, legal and societal responses to people with disabilities. Analyzes the disability experience through social and behavioral science perspectives, including diversity, bio-ethical and human rights conceptualizations/constructs of disability.

EDSE 204: Disability in a Global Society (3 credit hours)

Fulfills Mason Core requirement in Global Understanding.

Description: Examines disability in a global context, including how individuals, groups, institutions, and nations acknowledge and address disability in contemporary global societies. Assesses how the growing political, economic, and social gaps that exist between the Global North and South impact people with disabilities. Applies a disabilities empowerment framework as well as current findings from global human and economic indices to compare the current status of people with disabilities across contemporary global societies.

Kathryn Goldfish
Student Insights

Kathryn Goldfish, Student, BA Biology

"I would recommend this class to all Mason students. The course is engaging and thought provoking. All of the projects that you work on will help you understand the subject matter and how the material applies to your life. I learned so much that I was able to use in the classroom and in my own life. I was able to identify and work through my own biases of people with disabilities, and I now look at the world differently because of this class."