School of Education - George Mason University

The online field experience registration form is now closed.  No requests for placement will be accepted after the September 15 deadline – no exceptions.


  • Please read the following notes below very carefully. You are responsible for following all field experience policies and procedures.
    • Students requesting placement should not contact local schools (public or private) or otherwise solicit field experience placements from educators they may know professionally.
    • Repeated attempts to contact local schools, educators, or administrators to solicit field experience placements may result in the university and/or local school divisions not permitting access to school sites for field experiences.
    • Field experience assignments will only be accepted for credit if the work has been done in an assigned or approved location.
    • If you have limited transportation, i.e. you rely on public transportation, you must submit your field experience request as early as possible. You must indicate your need by checking the option on your online FERF form.
    • Any specific schools, geographic regions, or locations are not guaranteed.
    • You will likely be placed in one location/classroom for all hours and unless your class specifically requires a certain grade level, grade level requests are not accepted.