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Curriculum and Instruction, MEd Concentration in ASTL: Spanish

Foreign language teachers understand the intricacies of language, and how vocabulary is absorbed and leads to language competency. They also understand the best ways to teach students, and the difficulties students encounter during language acquisition.

The Spanish language concentration provides advanced professional development and language study for practicing foreign language teachers. The 18 credits include a combination of modern language courses and targeted electives.

The ASTL concentrations are for teachers and other educators with one or more years of teaching or education-related experience who want to continue to grow professionally. The program offers advanced study in a specific concentration area, including Virginia's Standards of Learning content areas, cohort classes, an innovative schedule, and the use of technology. The courses, aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, help teachers think and practice as board-certified teachers. The program develops teacher-leaders who practice reflection through action-research, problem-based learning, and self-inquiry, and teacher expertise in a concentration that will identify the teacher as a potential leader in that area.

Experienced teachers with or without a master's degree may apply for the ASTL Master's Degree program, which includes 18 credits in the Concentration area and 12 credits in the education Core.

Core Courses (12 credits)

Concentration Courses in Spanish (18 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits)


*Select 12 credits from the following:

Note: *Courses may be substituted with advisor-approved language and literature-related electives.

Total: 30 credits

Program Exit Requirement

Professional Development Portfolio: A performance-based document that provides concrete evidence of teacher professional development throughout the ASTL program.

ASTL Spanish Concentration Course Sheet