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Spanish is the most common world language taught in US schools, with dual immersion programs growing rapidly.

Mason’s Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) Spanish concentration is designed to deepen your own language knowledge while you study advanced theory and pedagogy to strengthen the language learning of students in your classroom.

This 30-credit MEd includes the opportunity to take modern language and language pedagogy courses, as well as a set of Core program courses focused on learning, assessment, inquiry, reflection, and culture.

Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education Option
If you teach or are interested in learning how to best meet the needs of Spanish Heritage Speakers in the language classroom, you are also eligible to pursue an online 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education as part of your ASTL Spanish MEd program.

The graduate certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education (SHLE) provides training in heritage language educational policy and practice as well as social justice-oriented approaches to teaching Spanish. Students develop familiarity with the linguistic, sociolinguistic, and cultural characteristics of Spanish-speakers in the US. The SHLE certificate prepares educators and affiliated professionals to advocate for heritage speakers of Spanish, design and implement Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SHL) curricula, and develop teaching materials and pedagogies for use in both SHL and mixed classes. Reach out to for more information on pursuing the SHLE Graduate Certificate as part of your MEd!

Where This Degree Will Take You

  • The broad, research-based knowledge you’ll gain will position you as a leader in language instruction.
  • Grow your career with the advantages of a master’s degree, including increased pay and an opportunity to be a voice for curriculum leadership in your school.
  • Aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the courses help teachers think and practice with the same level of reflection and skill as Board-certified educators (a great next step after graduating!).

Who Should Apply?

Educators holding a bachelor's degree with or without a master's degree may apply for the full master's degree program, which includes 12 credits of core education courses and 18 credits of concentration courses chosen with support from a Mason advisor. This is not an initial licensure program.

Can I Use Graduate Credits from Other Universities to Reduce my Course Load?

Possibly! University policy allows for up to 12 credits (depending on the program) that have not been previously used to complete a degree to be transferred from another accredited graduate program. Consultation with an ASTL advisor is necessary to determine if and which courses may be acceptable to a specific concentration. Substitutions cannot be made for the five core courses of the ASTL program (EDUC 612, EDUC 613, EDUC 614, EDUC 606, EDUC 615). Course work that is older than six years will not be accepted, even if the courses were taken at Mason.