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Current Student Information

In CEHD we encourage students to continually strive to be informed, be engaged, and be present — a formula for success both at Mason and your life beyond graduation.

Be Informed

Please check your Mason email account daily and read the messages we send. Review the university catalog for important information about policies and curriculum requirements. Meet with your advisor at least once a semester to ensure you are on track. Bookmark the official academic calendar and put the important dates in your planner. Carefully read the syllabi for all of your classes. Check out the links to the left for important information about program and licensure requirements and deadlines.

Be Engaged

You can spend your time at Mason simply doing the minimum to earn your degree, or you can take advantage of the myriad of opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Join a student club, study abroad, engage in research, and take advantage of our fantastic University Career Services. Create the foundation of your professional network by visiting your professors during office hours and building positive relationships with peers in your cohort.

Be Present

Effective educators possess the ability to always be mentally and emotionally present in the classroom, so develop that habit now while you prepare for your career as a teacher.

Contact Us

Please reach out whenever you have questions or concerns:
Elementary Education Program
Thompson Hall, Suite 1800