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School of Education - George Mason University
CourseSpecializationCross-cutting ThemeSemester Typically Offered
ECED 801: Current Research and Trends in Early Childhood EducationEarly Childhood/Early Childhood Special EducationCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificFall
ECED 803: Teacher Preparation and Professional DevelopmentEarly Childhood/Early Childhood Special EducationPersonnel PreparationSpring
ECED 804: Critical Perspectives on Families in Education Research and PracticeEarly Childhood/Early Childhood Special EducationCritical PerspectivesFall
ECED 812: Early Writing: Cognition, Language, and LiteracyEarly Childhood/Early Childhood Special EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDCI 810: Foundations of Science Education ResearchScience Education ResearchPersonnel PreparationFall
EDCI 811: Current Trends in Science Education ResearchScience Education ResearchCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDCI 813: Focused Science Education ResearchScience Education ResearchResearch: Discipline Specific
EDCI 855: Mathematics Education Research on Teaching and LearningMathematics Education LeadershipTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDCI 856: Mathematics Education Curriculum Design and EvaluationMathematics Education LeadershipCurriculum DevelopmentSpring
EDCI 857: Preparation and Professional Development of Mathematics TeachersMathematics Education LeadershipPersonnel PreparationFall
EDCI 858: Mathematics Education Research Design and EvaluationMathematics Education LeadershipResearch ApplicationSummer
EDEP 820: Teaching, Learning, and CognitionEducational PsychologyTheoryFall
EDEP 821: Sociocultural Processes in Learning, Instruction, and MotivationEducational PsychologyCritical PerspectivesSpring
EDEP 822: Advanced Learning, Motivation, and Self-RegulationEducational PsychologyTheorySpring
EDEP 823: Research Project in Educational Psychology: Sequence IEducational PsychologyResearch ApplicationSpring
EDEP 824: Research Project in Educational Psychology: Sequence IIEducational PsychologyResearch ApplicationFall
EDIT 801: Nature and Process of DesignLearning Technologies Design ResearchResearch ApplicationFall
EDIT 802: Cognition and Technology: A Multidisciplinary ApproachLearning Technologies Design ResearchTheory: Discipline SpecificFall
EDIT 803: Design-Based ResearchLearning Technologies Design ResearchResearch ApplicationSpring
EDIT 891: Design Research Independent StudyLearning Technologies Design ResearchResearch ApplicationSummer
EDIT 895: Emerging Trends in Learning TechnologiesLearning Technologies Design ResearchCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDLE 801: Contemporary Organization TheoryEducation LeadershipTheory: Discipline SpecificVaries
EDLE 802: Leadership and Decision MakingEducation LeadershipLeadership DevelopmentVaries
EDLE 812: Education LawEducation LeadershipLeadership DevelopmentVaries
EDLE 813: Social and Political Forces in Education LeadershipEducation LeadershipPolicy: Discipline SpecificVaries
EDLE 814: Education Finance and Human ResourcesEducation LeadershipLeadership DevelopmentVaries
EDLE 816: Instructional Leadership-Curriculum Policy and PracticeEducation LeadershipCurriculum DevelopmentVaries
EDLE 818: Instructional Leadership-Supervision Policy and PracticeEducation LeadershipLeadership DevelopmentVaries
EDLE 895: Emerging Issues in Administration and SupervisionEducation LeadershipCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificVaries
EDPO 870: Education Policy: Process, Context, and PoliticsEducation PolicyPolicyFall
EDPO 871: Advanced Policy Issues in EducationEducation PolicyCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDPO 880: Economics of EducationEducation PolicyPolicySpring
EDPO 885: History of Education in the United StatesEducation PolicyPolicySpring
EDPO 886: School Reform in the United States: Politics and PoliciesEducation PolicyPolicySpring
EDRD 829: Advanced Foundations of Literacy EducationLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDRD 830: Theory, Research, and Practice in Literacy: Birth through Middle ChildhoodLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingTheory: Discipline SpecificFall
EDRD 831: Theory, Research, and Practice in Literacy: Early Adolescence through Young AdulthoodLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingTheory: Discipline SpecificFall
EDRD 832: Research Methodologies and Trends in LiteracyLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificFall
EDRD 833: Literacy and Learning in the Digital AgeLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingResearch: Discipline SpecificSummer
EDRD 834: Research in Reading MotivationLiteracy(ies), Culture, and ReadingResearch: Discipline SpecificSummer
EDRS 818: Critical Discourse Analysis in Education ResearchResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 820: Evaluation Methods for Educational Programs and CurriculaResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 821: Advanced Applications of Quantitative MethodsResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 822: Advanced Applications of Qualitative MethodsResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 823: Advanced Research Methods in Single Subject/Case DesignResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 824: Mixed Methods Research: Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative ApproachesResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 825: Advanced Research Methods in Self-Study of Professional PracticeResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 826: Qualitative Case Study MethodsResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 827: Introduction to Measurement and Survey DevelopmentResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 828: Item Response TheoryResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 830: Hierarchical Linear ModelingResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 831: Structural Equation ModelingResearch MethodsResearch MethodsFall
EDRS 832: Document Analysis and Archival ResearchResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 833: Participatory Action ResearchResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 836: Narrative InquiryResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDRS 850: Grounded TheoryResearch MethodsResearch MethodsSpring
EDSE 841: Evaluating Intervention ResearchSpecial EducationResearch ApplicationSummer
EDSE 842: Application of Research Standards for Individuals with DisabilitiesSpecial EducationResearch: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDSE 843: Leading Change in Special Education and Disability PolicySpecial EducationLeadership DevelopmentFall
EDSE 844: Current Issues in Special EducationSpecial EducationCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificFall
EDSE 845: Personnel Preparation Programs in Special EducationSpecial EducationPersonnel PreparationSpring
EDSE 846: Assessment, Evaluation, and Instrumentation in Special Education ResearchSpecial EducationResearch ApplicationSpring
EDSE 847: Policy-driven Initiatives in Special Education and Disability ResearchSpecial EducationPolicy: Discipline SpecificSummer
EDSE 885: Writing GrantsSpecial EducationResearch Application: Grant WritingFall
EDUC 801: Seminar for Teaching in Teacher EducationTeaching and Teacher EducationCritical PerspectivesSpring
EDUC 803: Teacher Preparation and Professional DevelopmentTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel Preparation: University TeachingSpring
EDUC 804: Seminar for Supervision in Teacher EducationTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel Preparation: University Teaching
EDUC 815: Research Inquiries in International EducationInternational EducationResearch: Discipline SpecificFall
EDUC 845: Multilingual Learners With Diverse Educational NeedsMulticultural/Multilingual EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 850: The Study of TeachingTeaching and Teacher EducationResearch: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 851: Research on Teacher EducationTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel Preparation: University TeachingSummer
EDUC 852: Technology and Teacher DevelopmentTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel Preparation: University TeachingSummer
EDUC 853: Global Perspectives in Teacher EducationTeaching and Teacher EducationGlobal PerspectivesFall
EDUC 854: Working in Schools: Spanning Boundaries/Expanding RolesTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel PreparationSummer
EDUC 855: Critical Perspectives in EducationTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel Preparation: University TeachingFall
EDUC 860: STEM Education Research and PolicyScience Education ResearchCritical PerspectivesSpring
EDUC 865: Curriculum Theory and PracticeTeaching and Teacher EducationCurriculum DevelopmentSpring
EDUC 870: Education Policy: Process, Context, and PoliticsEducation LeadershipPolicyFall
EDUC 872: Social Science Research and Education PolicyEducation PolicyResearch: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 873: Education Policy: Comparative and International PerspectivesEducation PolicyGlobal PerspectivesFall
EDUC 874: The Achievement GapEducation PolicyCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificFall
EDUC 875: Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Education PolicyEducation PolicyCurrent Issues: Discipline SpecificSummer
EDUC 876: Teacher Development and Education PolicyEducation PolicyPersonnel PreparationSpring
EDUC 877: Teacher Policy in Historic PerspectiveEducation PolicyPersonnel PreparationFall
EDUC 878: Intercultural Competence: Theory and Research Application to International EducationInternational EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificFall
EDUC 880: Introduction to International EducationInternational EducationGlobal PerspectivesSummer
EDUC 881: Seminar in Bilingual Education: PolicyMulticultural/Multilingual EducationPolicy: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 882: Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Research, and PracticeMulticultural/Multilingual EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 883: Seminar in Sociocultural TheoryMulticultural/Multilingual EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 885: History of Education in the United StatesTeaching and Teacher EducationPersonnel PreparationSpring
EDUC 887: Neighborhood, Community, Education PolicyEducation PolicyPolicySpring
EDUC 892: Social Justice and Equity in International EducationInternational EducationCritical PerspectivesSpring
EDUC 893: Seminar in Educational AnthropologyMulticultural/Multilingual EducationResearch: Discipline SpecificSpring
EDUC 894: Seminar in Multicultural EducationMulticultural/Multilingual EducationTheory: Discipline SpecificFall
EFHP 810: Neuromuscular Responses to ExerciseKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 811: Motor Learning and ControlKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 813: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics in Human MovementKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 815: Measurement Techniques and InstrumentationKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 820: Careers in the Academy SeminarKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 825: Data Analytics in Exercise, Fitness, and Health PromotionKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 840: Doctoral Seminar in Exercise, Fitness, and Health PromotionKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 860: Critical Perspectives in Exercise, Fitness, and Health PromotionKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
EFHP 880: Grant WritingKinesiologyResearch Application: Grant WritingVaries
HE 701: Higher Education LawHigher EducationSpring
HE 702: Contemporary Issues and Fundamental Theories in Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 703: Higher Education in the Digital AgeHigher EducationSpring
HE 704: The Scholarship of Teaching and LearningHigher EducationSummer
HE 705: Access and Social JusticeHigher EducationSummer
HE 706: Students in Postsecondary EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 707: Scholarly Digital StorytellingHigher EducationSpring
HE 710: Leadership in Higher EducationHigher EducationFall
HE 711: Policy Studies in Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 712: Assessment and Program Evaluation in Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 713: The Internationalization of Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 721: History of Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
HE 722: Organization and Administration in Higher EducationHigher EducationSpring
KINE 890: Research Experience IKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
KINE 891: Research Experience IIKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries
KINE 897: Independent StudyKinesiologyMovement & Sport SciencesVaries