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PhD in Education Program

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The PhD in Education program at George Mason University is designed to advance professional study to develop research-informed expertise in a selected field of professional education.

As a program of doctoral study, it emphasizes theory and research as much as it does practice, breadth of study as much as depth, and process as well as knowledge. It seeks to develop both knowledge and the skills useful in educational roles as well as the abilities to analyze and respond to problems in their relationships to various educational concerns.

The PhD in Education program provides advanced research training and professional study in your choice of 15 specialization areas, with course work that focuses on both theory and practice. This highly regarded doctoral program has, for more than 20 years, prepared students for leadership roles as academicians, researchers, senior-level administrators, policymakers, and practitioners.

The PhD in Education program is notable for its individualized, interdisciplinary, and experiential approach. With the guidance of faculty advisors, students plan their own programs to meet self-defined goals. To accomplish these goals, students engage in a variety of intensive courses, independent studies, seminars, and internships of a highly practical nature. Success in the program requires a high degree of personal initiative, self-directed learning, and commitment to inquiry as a style of personal and professional growth.

PhD Program Director

  • Kitsantas, Anastasia Director Email
    Phone: (703) 993-2688
    Fax: (703) 993-2013


PhD Program Manager

  • Stahle, Joan Program Manager Email
    Phone: (703) 993-2011
    Fax: (703) 993-2063