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School of Education - George Mason University

The PhD in Education with an interdisciplinary is individualized, interdisciplinary, and experiential. Students plan their own programs to meet self-defined goals with the guidance and support of faculty advisors. An interdisciplinary specialization can include coursework selected from between one or more existing specializations.

If you have questions about this specialization, please contact the specialization representative, Debra Stroiney.

About the Specialization

Primary or secondary specialization areas can be interdisciplinary. The decision to designate an interdisciplinary specialization is made by the student and the student's Program Advisory Chair. Eligible faculty from any professional specialization can serve as a Program Advisory Chair or Co-Chair for the Interdisciplinary Specialization.

Interdisciplinary specialization coursework should align with a coherent rationale for the choice of specific coursework which meets the student's professional goals. Coursework for the interdisciplinary specialization must have the approval of the student’s Program Advisory Committee as well as the Director of the PhD in Education Program.

Specialization Courses

Refer to relevant specializations for potential interdisciplinary courses.

Our Graduates

Chelseann Christopher, PhD 2020

  • Specialization: Multilingual/Multicultural Education and At-Risk Populations
  • Dissertation Title: A Vocabulary Intervention Utilizing Multimedia and Native Language Supports for Dual Language Learners
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Marjorie Haley

Justin Merrigan, PhD 2020

  • Specialization: Exercise Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Dissertation Title: During and Post-exercise Effects of Accentuated Eccentric Loading
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Margaret Jones

Jennifer Fields, PhD 2020

  • Specialization: Exercise Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Dissertation Title: Comprehensive Load Monitoring for Athlete Health in Collegiate Men and Women Athletes
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Margaret Jones