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School of Education - George Mason University

The PhD in Education with a specialization in teaching and teacher education (TATE) is individualized, interdisciplinary, and experiential.  Students plan their own programs to meet self-defined goals with the guidance and support of faculty advisors.  TATE courses can be applied to primary or secondary specialization areas.

If you have questions about this specialization, please contact the specialization representative, Elizabeth Levine-Brown.

About the Specialization

The Teaching and Teacher Education Specialization focuses on research, development, and evaluation of teacher education for both pre-service teachers and the continuing professional development of practicing teachers. This specialization has a specific focus that ties the study of teachers, teaching practices, teacher education, education reform, and education policy together into a coherent whole for understanding and generating new knowledge on the educators of educators who will lead the efforts of an equal education for all children.

The specialization focuses on the research on teaching from a generalist perspective as well as providing opportunities to study teaching in a chosen subject matter area (e.g., English, history, special education, etc.). In addition, the specialization focuses on research, development, and evaluation of teacher education for both preservice teachers and the continuing professional development of practicing teachers.

What Will You Learn?

The specialization features coursework and applied internships that enable you to learn:

  • Theory and research in teaching and teacher education
  • Foundational knowledge about teaching and teacher education
  • Research methodologies to address a variety of topics related to teaching and teacher education
  • Specialized knowledge in teaching and teacher education related to your area of interest

How Will You Learn?

Your advisor will guide your doctoral experience by supplementing coursework with professional experiences, including:

  • Attending and/or presenting at professional conferences
  • Independent study
  • Teaching and/or co-teaching
  • Writing, editing, and reviewing for scholarly journals

Where Can This Specialization Take You?

Students who study in this specialization will be prepared to assume leadership, teaching, and research roles in:

  • Preservice teacher education, in either university or alternate route programs
  • School district offices of continuing teacher professional development
  • School-based teacher education

Specialization Courses

Each student prepares an individual program of study in consultation with their Program Advisory Committee. The following courses can be taken as part of a student’s primary or secondary specialization coursework:

See additional coursework required as part of the PhD in Education degree.

Our Graduates

Holly Glaser, PhD 2020

  • Dissertation Title: How Teachers Create Talent Development Contexts for Students from Historically Underrepresented Populations in Gifted Programs: A Multiple-Case Study
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nancy Hollincheck

Alicia Leggett, PhD 2020

  • Dissertation Title: Black Teacher Preparation: Experiences at a PWI and HBCU
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Seth Parsons

Emily Christopher, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: White Female Teachers and Their Students: An Exploration of the Beliefs of Preservice Teachers and Interns Regarding Intersectionalities of Today's Students
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Gary Galluzzo & Dr. Nancy Hollincheck

Leila Nuland, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: One Size Does Not Fit All: A National Survey of Teachers’ Perceptions of Online Teacher Professional Development
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Seth Parsons

Nisreen Daoud, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Examining Elementary Teacher Preparation: What Works in Today's Programs
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Seth Parsons

Cynthia Hall, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Milwaukee Teachers' Perceptions of Union Benefits and Job Security in the Wake of Wisconsin Act 10
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Anastasia Samaras

Ronald Shultz, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: The (Trans)formation of Teacher Candidates' Dispositions Toward English Language Learners in the Mainstream Elementary Classroom
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Seth Parsons