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School of Education - George Mason University

The PhD in Education with a specialization in learning technologies design research (LTDR) is individualized, interdisciplinary, and experiential.  Students plan their own programs to meet self-defined goals with the guidance and support of faculty advisors.  LTDR courses can be applied to primary or secondary specialization areas.

If you have questions about this specialization, please contact the specialization representative, Dawn Hathaway.

About the Specialization

This PhD specialization in learning technologies design research is the first of its kind with an innovative approach that engages doctoral students in real-world, integrated, design and research.

What Will You Learn?

The specialization features coursework and applied internships that enable you to learn:

  • Theory and research in learning technologies design research
  • Foundational knowledge about learning technologies design research
  • Research methodologies to address a variety of learning technologies design research topics
  • Specialized knowledge in learning technologies design research related to your area of interest

How Will You Learn?

Your advisor will guide your doctoral experience by supplementing coursework with professional experiences, including:

  • Attending and/or presenting at professional conferences
  • Independent study
  • Teaching and/or co-teaching
  • Writing, editing, and reviewing for scholarly journals

Where Can This Specialization Take You?

Graduates of this specialization hold professional positions such as:

  • Academic faculty at post-secondary institutions
  • Consultants with private companies, education and research think tanks, and non-government organizations
  • Technology leaders in major K-12 school districts

Specialization Courses

Each student prepares an individual program of study in consultation with their Program Advisory Committee. The following courses can be taken as part of a student’s primary or secondary specialization coursework:

See additional coursework required as part of the PhD in Education degree.

Our Graduates

Shea Walters, PhD 2021

  • Dissertation Title: The Influence of Epistemological Beliefs, Pedagogical Approaches, and Course Delivery Modes on Faculty Use of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Maimoona Al-Abri, PhD 2020

  • Dissertation Title: Exploring the Pedagogical Impact of Integrating Open Educational Resources in a College Course: A Design-Based Research Study
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Falah Amro, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: Scaffolding Students' Problem-Solving Skills in a Computer-Based Adaptive Learning Program: An Analysis of Scaffolding Types and Strategies
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jered Borup & Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Angela Low, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: An Exploration of Emergenetics® Training in the Federal Workplace
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Shahron Williams Van Rooij

Laura McConnaughey, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: A Design Research Project: Investigating an Integrated Mathematics Instructional System (IMIST) Focused on Inquiry Learning and Proficiencies in Symbolic Literacy, Conceptual Literacy, and Problem-Solving for High School Mathematics
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn Hathaway & Dr. Priscilla Norton

Boshra Zawawi, PhD 2019

  • Dissertation Title: Designing & Evaluating the Effects of a Technology-Mediated Learning Environment That Integrates Formal & Informal Learning Activities to Advance Students' Knowledge & Skills of Instructional Design: A Design-Based Research Study
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Ahmad Almufarreh, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Examining Factors that Impact Students and Faculty Acceptance and Adoption of MLearning in Saudi Arabia
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Amy Ansong, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Examining the Role of Toys in Undergraduate Women's Decision to Major in Engineering
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Frederick Brigham

Michelle Dunham, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: A Design-Based Research Study of Aspiring Leaders' Individual Development, Self-Efficacy and Self-Directed Learning Following Participation in an Autobiographical Leadership Development Program
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Brenda Bannan

Helen Fake, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: A Delphi Study on the Dimensions of Personalized Learning in Workforce Training and Development Programs
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nada Dabbagh

Rose Kraus, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Considering the Blend: The Impact on the Learner's Experience of an Activity/Affordance Blending Strategy Applied to Graduate Course Design
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Priscilla Norton

Mark Stevens, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Technology Enhanced Learning for English Language Learners
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Priscilla Norton

Ying Wu, PhD 2018

  • Dissertation Title: Perspectives of Graduate Students with Visual Impairments on Their Learning Experience in Online Education
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Priscilla Norton