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Dynamic Forms Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student who just got an email with instructions on how to fill out the form after I already filled out the form. Do I need to fill out the form again?

No, that was an automated email from the electronic forms system. The directions in the email are the exact same as the directions on the website.

Help! My email inbox is full of automated emails. How do I make them stop?

The electronic form system automatically sends out reminders every three days for signatures once the form has been initiated and is waiting for your signature. To make this stop, you can try a few things.

  1. Return the form for revision to the student until a day or two before your meeting.
  2. You can ask the student to follow the directions and not initiate the form until a day or two before your meeting.
  3. Read the email and sign the form.

My chair never received an email with a link to the form. Why did they not receive an email after I electronically signed the form?

You might have typed in the email address incorrectly on the form. You can contact the PhD in Education office for the Dynamic Forms tech support so they can double check and correct the email address for you.

I am a committee member, and my name is incorrect on the form. How do I fix this?

The student types in the names of the chair and additional committee members when they initiate the form. The form can be returned for revisions to the student for them to correct the spelling. The return for revisions option is only available for faculty. Make sure you provide clear directions for what you are asking the student to revise.

I filled out my Program of Study form, but there is no “next” button at the bottom. How do I submit the form with my electronic signature?

You need to check to make sure you have the correct number of credits for your primary and secondary specialization. The directions explain that your primary and secondary specialization credits must be greater than or equal to 36.

The Program of Study form is asking for the name of my class as listed in the course catalog. How do I find the exact name of the course?

There are links to the course catalog and the website to access your transcript embedded in the Program of Study form above where you type in the name of the courses. You can click on the links and search for the names of your courses for the exact titles.

We are a faculty member and student planning on filling out the Individualized section Proposal and Form. The faculty member supervising the student is not the committee chair. Who is supposed to be listed as the instructor and the chair?

The manager of the student is listed as the instructor, and the chair is the committee chair. The student initiates the form to fill in required information. The committee chair should be listed as the chair on the form. The chair will fill in the instructor’s name and email. The instructor will receive mentoring points.

Help! My form is lost in cyberspace! How do I access a form I filled out in the past to review feedback or other information on the form?

You can try a few things.

  1. You can access a PDF of the old form by logging into Dynamic Forms through the Mason login page.
  2. You can save a version of the form as a PDF after you electronically sign each form and save a copy for your records when the screen prompts you to do so.
  3. You can type and save your comments into a Word document first, then copy and paste them into the electronic form.
My question was not addressed here. Where can I submit questions or feedback?
  1. Faculty and students can provide feedback by using the electronic forms feedback form, which is checked weekly.
  2. You can contact the Ph.D. in Education office to ask the question if you need more immediate assistance.