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School of Education - George Mason University

Through cohorts and consortia, faculty and students discover the advantages of working together to achieve goals mutually beneficial to members and the community.

The Division of Special Education & disAbility Research assists in the preparation of qualified personnel in the field of special education by providing programs in non-traditional formats in response to community needs.

The cohorts and consortia are collaborative arrangements with local school divisions, employers, and neighboring universities that facilitate training of individuals in high-need areas. Students complete the same comprehensive and rigorous programs as students on campus with the same benefits and support available to on campus students, but schedules and tuition benefits may differ to provide convenience to students as well as form a better link between academia and community realities.

Cohorts of employees of local school divisions or agencies complete the program together providing support and sharing experience specific to their agencies as they put into practice on a daily basis the skills they are learning in their courses. Consortia students, accepted through a grant application, are able to link to other universities to learn from students and instructors across the state to broaden their understanding of state-wide concerns, procedures and policies.

If you belong to a cohort or consortia, visit your cohort or consortia site for payment, scheduling and registration information.