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A mathematics teacher-leader, interventionist, coach, or district leader can have an immense impact on the mathematics teaching and learning within a school community. Earn your master's and state endorsement with us!

This 30-credit program includes all required course work for state endorsement as a K–8 mathematics specialist. With both blended and 100% online program options, it is designed for working professionals, most of whom complete the degree in three years or fewer.

In this program you will:

  • learn skills that are 100% transferable to your context
  • engage with expert faculty who consistently spearhead change at all levels
  • gain knowledge and experience through mathematics content and leadership courses
  • participate in course work for your master's degree and state endorsement

Who Should Apply?

This program is for those who already have teaching licenses in mathematics; it is not an initial licensure program (for initial licensure options please contact the Elementary Education or Secondary Education Program).

What Does a Mathematics Specialist Do?

A math specialist is a specialized teacher-leader who works in a variety of capacities as a coach, interventionist, and teacher-leader. Math specialists may work in a variety of formal and informal capacities, including data coach, resource provider, mentor, curriculum or instructional specialist, classroom supporter, learning facilitator, school leader, and learner. These individuals provide ongoing professional development to school stakeholders with the ultimate goal of improving mathematics instruction and advocating for research-informed, effective practices.

Is This Program Only for K–8 Mathematics Educators?

No! While the program is designed for K–8 educators, high school mathematics teachers have found the course work provides valuable and transferable skills. Please note that both the master’s degree content and the Virginia math specialist endorsement are designated K–8 only.

What If I Already Have a Master’s Degree and Am Looking to Take Additional Courses for the Math Specialist Endorsement?

Teachers who already have master’s degrees should have their transcripts evaluated by the state department of education to determine which courses are still needed for the math specialist endorsement. The Academic Program Coordinator can assist with developing a program of study once an evaluation has been completed. Contact us for additional support.

Can I Transfer my Math Specialist Course Work from Other Programs into My Master’s Degree at Mason?

You may be able to transfer up to 12 credits from a Virginia partner institution. A transfer is dependent upon the approval of the academic program coordinator. Credits cannot have been used toward a previous master’s degree and must follow policies for transfer credit.