School of Education - George Mason University

Elementary school is where it all begins. A child’s first teachers are the people who will set the bar for learning.

This bachelor's degree provides teacher candidates with the specialized knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to meet the educational needs of students in grades PreK-6. The robust, well-rounded program of study includes general and content-specific methods courses designed to prepare reflective teachers who are responsive to students’ diverse needs and ready to advance the 21st Century classroom. A strong partnership with local PK-6 schools ensures that teacher candidates are immersed in classroom settings with elementary students throughout their teacher preparation program. Graduates recognize and adapt to students’ needs, interests and readiness levels through innovative, research-based pedagogical practices.

Mason Core (37-38 credits)

  • Written Communication (6) (ENGH 101 Composition and ENGH 302
  • Advanced Composition)
  • Oral Communication (3) (COMM 100 Public Speaking is recommended)
  • Information Technology (3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (3) (MATH 106 Quantitative Reasoning is recommended)
  • Literature (3) (ELED 258 is recommended)
  • Arts (3) (ARTH 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts is recommended)
  • Western Civilization/World History (3)
  • Social and Behavioral Science (3) (EDUC 200 is recommended)
  • Global Understanding (3) (GGS 101 Major World Regions is recommended)
  • Natural Science (7-8) (Two lab sciences in different disciplines are recommended)
  • Synthesis/Capstone

Major Course Requirements (57 credits)