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Applying for Licensure

Applying for initial licensure — online application

For detailed application instructions, including screenshots and examples, please view this powerpoint.

If you currently do not hold a valid Virginia teaching license and are not working as a full-time, contractual teacher with a VA school district, please carefully follow these instructions.


  1. Visit
  2. Click “sign up now” and follow the steps to make a VALO account
  3. Sign into your VALO account using your email, password, and verification code (allow 2-5 minutes for verification code to be sent to your email)
    • You will have to do the verification process twice
  4. Click on the box that says “APPLY FOR A LICENSE”
  5. Select from the drop down “Initial License Application” and click NEXT
  6. Select “Teaching/Admin/Pupil Personnel” and click NEXT
  8. Click the box that says “Instructions”
  9. Read through all of the instructions on each screen as you complete the remaining steps
  10. There is a heading that reads “Important Information Applicants May Need to Submit” indicating that students may need to upload a college verification form or a report on experience form
    • You do not need to upload the college verification form. The GMU licensure coordinator will do this on your behalf
    • If you completed a GMU teacher preparation program in its entirety (including internship), then the report on experience form does not apply to you
    • If you do have a report on experience form, please email the licensure coordinator at for additional instructions before submitting your application
  11. Scroll to the section that reads “Professional Teacher’s Assessment Scores”
  12. Upload your score reports for ALL required professional assessments for your program (i.e., VCLA, Praxis, Praxis Teaching Reading)
    • Your scores MUST be reported to George Mason University
    • The GMU licensure coordinator cannot complete your College Verification Form until all required test scores have been reported directly to George Mason University
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Demographics”
    • You do not need to upload your College Verification Form, statutory requirement certificates, or CPR certificates as part of your online application. You will provide these to the GMU licensure coordinator in part two
  14. Enter your demographic information
    • Please note, the address you list on your application should be where you currently reside
    • The applicant is responsible for notifying the Division of Teacher Education and Licensure in writing of mailing address changes
  15. Click “Education” and enter your education history of all colleges and universities attended
  16. Click “Employment” and click the correct box that applies to you and fill in the information about your position
    • If you are not yet employed, do not click any of the boxes
    • This section only applies to full-time contractual teaching. It does not include internship or long-term sub experience
  17. Click “Out-of-State License” to progress to the next screen and indicate whether or not you hold an out-of-state teaching license
  18. Click “Questions” and answer all background questions using the drop-down menu
  19. Once you have answered all questions sign your name, enter the date, and check the Attestation box
  20. Click on “FINISH” (you are not finished until you submit a payment)
  21. The next page is the payment page. Click on “PAY” and then click on “Checkout”
  22. Enter your payment information and click “Submit Payment” – this will submit your application to VDOE for review
  23. Once you have submitted your application you will see a page that says “Submission Confirmed.” You will then receive two emails: 1) the first email will indicate that VDOE has received your application and it is pending review, 2) the second email will provide you with your myLicensePKID number. Please KEEP THIS EMAIL for your records!


  1. Order official transcripts from ALL colleges and Universities attended, INCLUDING George Mason University.
    • Please wait for your degree conferral date to appear on your unofficial GMU transcript before ordering your official transcript
    • If you are in one of the following programs: Secondary Education, ESOL, World Language, Special Education – you may be eligible to apply for licensure before your degree confers
    • Have transcripts sent electronically directly to
      • Please note the ppt linked at the top of this section has screen shots and detailed instructions regarding ordering electronic transcripts
    • Order official transcripts from George Mason University here
    • Graduates of a foreign institution of higher education (PDF) may provide a copy of their evaluation completed by a VDOE-approved agency
    • If you choose to have your transcripts mailed, they must be provided to the GMU licensure coordinator in a sealed envelope directly from the university (please see the licensure office address at the bottom of the page)
  2. Complete the Student Information Form with your identifying information so the licensure coordinator can complete a College Verification Form on your behalf
  3. Once you have received your myLicensePKID number, ordered your transcripts, and completed the Student Information Form, you will need to email the GMU Licensure Coordinator at with the subject line “Online Application Submitted – Request for CVF”
  4. Your email to the GMU licensure coordinator will need to include the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your G Number
    • Your myLicensePKID number (this number is how the licensure coordinator can upload your CVF and transcripts to your application)
    • A statement that you have submitted your online application through VALO and are ready for your College Verification Form to be completed
  5. Your email to the GMU licensure coordinator must include the following attachments:
    • Certificate for completion of Behavior Intervention and Support Training
    • Certificate for completion of Child Abuse and Neglect Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding Training
    • Certificate of completion of Dyslexia Awareness Module
    • Copy of American Red Cross or American Heart Association Certificate for CPR/AED/Emergency First Aid – please ensure your training includes a hands-on/in-person training component
    • If applicable, certificate of completion of Cultural Competency
      • As of July 1, 2023, VDOE requires that each person seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license shall complete instruction or training in cultural competency. If you are a current GMU student enrolled in CEHD, then the cultural competency requirement might be fulfilled through your coursework requirements; please check with your program or the licensure coordinator to ensure that this requirement was covered in one of your courses. For those who are not current CEHD students, VDOE has published a cultural competency training module that can be accessed on the VDOE website.
  6. The Licensure Coordinator will check student records to ensure all licensure requirements are satisfied and will complete the College Verification Form. The licensure coordinator will then upload the CVF and official transcripts to your application and email you a copy of the CVF for your records.

Once the Licensure Coordinator uploads your supporting documentation, the Virginia Department of Education will review your application. Please be patient as it can take a few months for VDOE to review your application and grant licensure. It is your responsibility to keep an eye your account on for any updates from VDOE. I will not be providing you with any updates.

Adding an endorsement – not working with a school district

If you do currently hold a valid VA teaching license and are not currently working with a VA school district, please provide the Mason Licensure Coordinator with the following:

  1. Addition of endorsement fee - $50 (checks written to The Treasurer of Virginia).
  2. A written memo to the VDOE requesting that the new endorsement be added to your current license.
  3. Official Transcripts (from Mason)
  4. Licensure Application
  5. College Verification Form (complete part I only, but be sure that your full address is listed).
  6. Praxis II scores (if applicable)
    • Reading Specialist Add-On
      • Current test is 5302 Praxis Reading Specialist (as of 9/1/2022)
      • Older version is 5304 Praxis Series reading for Virginia Educators (RVE): Reading Specialist Assessment (taken before 9/1/2022)
    • Education Leadership Administration/Supervision Add-On
      • Current test is 6990 School Leaders Licensure Assessment (as of 1/1/2020)
      • Older version is 6011 School Leaders Licensure Assessment (taken before 1/1/2020)

*Students MUST submit photocopies or original test score reports. The Licensure Coordinator cannot obtain these scores from other files on campus such as degree program files or internship files.

Please view the adding an endorsement checklist while putting together your packet to ensure you have ALL REQUIRED ELEMENTS.

College Verification Form

A college verification form will be required if you are working with a school district to apply for initial licensure, add an endorsement to a current license, or apply for a provisional license. Please follow the steps below.

  1. College Verification Form: complete part I only and leave the rest of the form BLANK. Please be sure that your full address is listed. Please do not include your SSN (you can add this in when the form is returned to you).
  2. You must be sure that ALL licensure grades have been posted prior to submitting your CVF.
  3. Please email your college verification form with part 1 completed to
  4. The college verification form will be sent back to you.
  5. If you are applying for licensure through your school district, you will then submit the completed CVF form and the other required licensure materials to your school district's licensure representative. They will then submit the application on your behalf.

**Special Education - all waivers must be processed and reflected in the University system prior to submission of the CVF.

***Education Leadership - if you did not receive your master's degree from Mason, please submit a photocopy of your master's transcripts along with your College Verification Form. If you did receive your master's from Mason, please be sure that your degree date has posted prior to submitting the form.

Please view the college verification form checklist to ensure you have filled out the form yet correctly.


All of the above forms can be downloaded here.

You must submit a complete packet. If your application is missing any required document, it will be returned to you!

Please submit the requested documents to the following address:

George Mason University
Attn: Licensure
4400 University Dr., MSN 6C13
Thompson Hall, Room 2204
Fairfax, VA 22030

Packets must be originals and may not be faxed.

For questions about your licensure packet, please email