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Mentor Teachers at Mason (Prospective and Current)

Welcome to Mason! Mentor Teachers serve as role models and collaborators for teacher candidate and are critical supports in guiding teacher candidates to enhance their planning, instruction, and content knowledge. Mentor teachers work with both traditional internship candidates and on-the-job (OTJ) candidates in collaboration with university supervisors and Mason program faculty to help ensure the success of their teacher candidate.


MTs must have a minimum of three years teaching experience and be fully licensed in the candidate’s endorsement area. Provisional licenses do not qualify. This is a VDOE requirement for internships.


The Office of Teacher Preparation provides a small honorarium to mentor teachers as appreciation of their service. Honorariums are granted to MTs according to the length of the internship.

Please read the directions for submitting an honorarium. Mentor teachers are required to submit the Mentor Teacher Pay Form (PDF) and a signed W-9 form (PDF) no later than 30 days after the last day of internship in order to receive their honorarium.

For information related to honorariums for advanced mentors and site facilitators in the Elementary Education program, please visit this page. Contact Beth Rooney, Office Manager, with any questions about other program honorariums and payments.

Additional Resources for Mentor Teachers

Below are links to the School of Education’s Licensure Internship Manual where additional information on mentor teacher roles and responsibilities, as well as program specific manuals, are linked.