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School of Education - George Mason University

What is a Content Area Review?

If you choose a teacher preparation program in certain areas (listed below), you will need to complete a Content Area Review after admission.

The Content Area Review, sometimes called Endorsement Review, is an assessment by a professional advisor to determine if you satisfy the prerequisite requirements for a specific teaching licensure program, as required by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). If you haven’t met all the requirements yet, the Content Area Advisor can help you find the classes you need to take to get there.

If you need to complete a Content Area Review (also called Endorsement Review), your first step will be to create an online account where you enter all your previous course work. It can take about two weeks for the Content Area Advisor to review your materials. After your review is complete, you’ll meet with the Content Area Advisor to go over your content area coursework and make a plan for meeting the prerequisite requirements for your program.

A content/endorsement review is required for the following:

  • Secondary Education (History/Social Sciences, English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • Elementary Education PK-6
  • Early Childhood Education PK-3
  • International Education: Elementary PK-6
  • International ESOL PK-12 graduate certificate
  • ESOL for Practitioners graduate certificate
  • Foreign Language education graduate certificate
  • Theatre Education*
  • Art Education**
  • Music Education

*Note to applicants interested in Theatre: following notification of the initial content area review, please contact the Theatre Department at to schedule an advising appointment.

**Note to applicants interested in Art Education: following notification of the initial content area review, please contact the Graduate Art Education office at to schedule an advising appointment.

Please note that ALL content area course work must be completed, with all transcripts submitted and approved by the Content Area Advisor, prior to the internship application deadline. Since the internship application must be submitted in the semester prior to the actual internship, please meet with the Content Area Advisor and plan the completion of these requirements accordingly.

Steps for Requesting an Initial Content Area/Endorsement Review

Step 1: Create an account

  • Click My Account.
  • Next, select the link labeled “Create a new account” and enter all biographical information. Hotmail email addresses have issues with this system; please use another service.

Step 2: Select a worksheet

  • After your account is created, click the “Form Selection” link to select the licensure area (i.e., what you wish to teach). Biographical information will automatically populate on the worksheet selected.

Step 3: Enter required course information

  • Click "Add Course.”
  • Please enter the minimum number of courses required. The Content Area Advisor conducts a course-by-course review and may add course work deemed appropriate.
  • Following the model, enter the course department/number and course title (as it appears on the transcript of the originating institution), semester credits earned, and the end date for each course.
  • Enter the official course description from the course catalog. (This is crucial to avoid delays in the consideration of course work for approval.)
  • Please note that courses taken on a pass-fail or no-credit basis will not be considered.

Step 4: Create a plan after your initial Content Area Review

  • You will receive an email from the Content Area Review system; please sign in to see the Reviewed Worksheet.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Content Area Advisor to discuss options to fulfill any remaining requirements and approve a plan of study to complete these credits. It is the responsibility of the student to make this appointment.
  • ALL further content course work/CLEP exams must be PRE-APPROVED by the Content Area Advisor and taken at a college/university recognized by a regional accreditation agency.
  • Update your worksheet on a semester basis until requirements are met.
  • All Content Area course work must be complete for every student at the time of application for internship; no exceptions will be made.

Steps for Requesting an Update to Content Area Review

Step 1: Log on to your account

  • Click My Account and sign in.
  • Click on your Content Area Review worksheet.

Step 2: Add pre-approved course work to the online worksheet

  • Follow the instructions from STEP 3 of the Initial Content Area/Endorsement review.

Helpful Hints:

  • Begin the process early.
  • Update every semester while working to complete requirements.
  • After the initial Content Area/Endorsement review, courses must be pre-approved.
  • C or better in all course work is required in order to be approved.
  • Never self-advise.


Content Area Advisor
4400 University Dr. MS 4B4
Thompson Hall, Suite 2300
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (703) 993-2892

This internal review is used solely as a component of the programs offered by George Mason University. If you choose not to complete a Mason program, transfer to another institution, or attempt to become hired under provisional licensure, you will be subject to a new review by that institution, school division, or by the Virginia Department of Education.

To begin, click the "My Account" link here or to the left.