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What is a Content Area Review?

If you choose a teacher preparation program in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Fine Arts Education, Foreign Language or ESL/ESOL, or Secondary Education, you will likely need to complete a Content Area Review.

Some programs require a Content Area Review prior to application. You can meet with the Content Area Advisor even before you are a student at Mason.

The Content Area Review, sometimes called Endorsement Review, is a process by which a specially trained advisor reviews coursework you’ve taken in the past to see if you meet the prerequisite requirements for entering a teacher licensure program. If you haven’t met all the requirements yet, the Content Area Advisor can help you find the classes you need to take to get there.

If you need to complete a Content Area Review (also called Endorsement Review), your first step will be to create an online account where you enter all your previous coursework and to send in your transcripts for review. It can take about two weeks for the Content Area Advisor to review your materials. After your review is complete, you’ll meet with the Content Area Advisor to go over your content area coursework and make a plan for meeting the prerequisite requirements for your program.