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Curriculum and Instruction, MEd Concentration in ASTL: History/Social Science

History/Social Science educators engage students in creative learning activities that teach them to understand the importance of multiple perspectives and historical context.

New for Fall 2020!

The History/Social Science concentration is designed for educators at all grade levels who seek to strengthen their professional practice of teaching, while also deepening and broadening their content knowledge of history and/or the social sciences.

The ASTL concentrations are for teachers and other educators with one or more years of teaching or education-related experience who want to continue to grow professionally. The ASTL program is aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to help teachers think and practice like highly skilled and reflective board certified professionals. The program helps educators to develop as content-area leaders who practice reflection through critical inquiry. Teachers graduate with newfound capacities for planning and enacting instruction that recognizes and responds to students as lifelong learners.

Experienced teachers with or without a master's degree may apply for the ASTL Master's Degree program, which includes 18 credits in the Concentration area and 12 credits in the education Core.

Core Courses (12 credits)

Concentration Courses (18 credits)

Choose 18 credit hours from advisor-approved electives in History, Geography, and/or Sociology/Anthropology. Courses may be substituted with advisor-approved elective.

Total: 30 credits

ASTL History/Social Science Concentration Course Sheet