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As an elementary school teacher, you help students learn and develop in ways that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

The M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education Concentration Program provides professionals with the specialized knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to meet the educational needs of students attending today's elementary schools. The program includes Pre-Kindergarten-6th grade initial licensure and is situated within Professional Development Schools (PDS) in the Mason Elementary Education PDS Network. Our PDS model supports an inquiry stance and fosters critical thinking and problem-solving among elementary students, parents, in-service teachers, school/division administrators, pre-service teachers, and university/school faculty. This 39 credit hour program is aligned with the college’s five core values of collaboration, ethical leadership, innovation, research-based practice, and social justice. Students may choose from start dates in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. All programs are sequenced and follow a cohort model.

Professional Development Schools (PDS) Year-Long Internship Program

Semester Start: Begins every fall

Application Deadline: April 1st

Initial Licensure and MEd Program: 39 credits

Field Experiences:Almost all course work has associated field experience hours that must be completed during the school day in a PDS Network school (15-30 field hours per semester, except during internship semesters). These are typically completed in 10 three-hour blocks across the semester.

PDS Year-Long Internship Cohort (Fall Start) Sample Sequence

Below is an example of a course sequence for the Year-Long Internship Cohort. Exact sequencing is subject to change; students must follow guidance from the program regarding course scheduling for their cohort.

Fall Term (day or evening classes)

*Courses taken with Semester Long Cohort

Spring Term (day or evening classes)

*Join Year Long Cohort for remainder of the program

Summer Term (classes during the day starting in mid May)

Fall Term (Four days in schools, one day in classes at Mason campus)

Spring/Summer Term (five days a week/classes and internship work)

Licensure Disclosure

This program has been identified by George Mason University as one that may lead to a career requiring professional licensure/certification. Federal regulations require Mason to disclose information as to whether this program meets/does not meet the educational requirements for licensure/certification in your state, or whether such a determination has not been made. Please consult our Licensure Disclosure Tool for the disclosure statement specific to your desired state/program combination.

George Mason University will verify completion of the requirements of a Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) state-approved preparation program at the graduate or undergraduate level. Such verification does not guarantee the issuance of a Virginia Collegiate Professional, Postgraduate Professional, or Pupil Personnel license from the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is solely the student's responsibility to comply with all requirements for licensure by the Commonwealth. Under Virginia law, a social security number is required for licensure.