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School of Education - George Mason University

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Mason undergraduates are eligible to apply to this bachelor's/accelerated master's program, which allows them to obtain both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree within an accelerated time frame. The program also offers the advantage of paying undergraduate tuition rates for graduate classes taken while finishing the bachelor’s degree, with some graduate classes able to count towards both degrees.

Our foreign/world language program offers an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Foreign Education (PK-12 licensure) in eight world languages! Through this program, you can prepare today’s children to live and work in today’s globally interconnected world as interculturally competent, bi-multilingual individuals.

All program options focus on the rich cultural, linguistic, and experiential assets that diverse learners bring to the classroom. Our teacher education coursework is carefully designed to ensure that you gain the theoretical understandings and pedagogical expertise to teach and serve today’s diverse learners effectively in today’s world language classrooms.

Licensure Disclosure

Initial Virginia state licensure concentrations include PK-12 Virginia state licensure to teach one of the following foreign/world languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Korean, and Spanish. Note: These licensure courses require 15 hours of fieldwork for each course. These courses are mainly offered online but may include face-to-face contexts. Also, please be sure to visit this page for important information about teacher licensure in Virginia.