School of Education - George Mason University

The SEED “Seeds”

As illustrated by the model below, the SEED program is guided by five “Seeds” or principles that students are expected to understand and learn to apply in their teaching and professional lives: Social Justice, Inquiry and Reflection, Advocacy and Agency, Partnership and Collaboration, and Respect and Relationship. SEED students address each Seed in a developmental fashion, twice during their licensure program and once again during the master’s teacher research capstone experience:

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  • Each Seed is introduced and students demonstrate initial understandings and consider initial applications to teaching of the Seeds (as determined by the program and course instructor) during one of the five pre-licensure courses (“Foundations,” Methods I, Human Development, Methods II, Content Literacy)
  • All five Seeds are revisited and students demonstrate deeper conceptual understandings of and identify applications to their teaching of the Seeds (in a manner they determine) during internship and internship seminar
  • All five Seeds are explored more deeply, and students demonstrate mastery understandings of, applications to their teaching and teaching inquiries (via their teacher research Methodologies), and future integrations of the Seeds into their teaching and teaching inquiries (via their teacher research Discussions)

Please download the SEED Seeds chart for more information.