School of Education - George Mason University

Cohort Registration Process

Continuing Cohort Students

Cohort registrations are processed through a Blackboard Organization. To register for cohort courses, please proceed to the registration site by logging into Blackboard and navigating to the Organization tab.

For help completing the registration process, please see the Special Education Cohort Registration Instructions or view the short video by clicking on the image below.

Completing this registration process creates a binding registration request. Your registration request needs to be completed for every cohort course you take every semester.  Pre-registration well in advance of the course start date is strongly recommended.

For questions regarding Special Education cohort registrations or if you need assistance completing the registration process please contact

Members of a NEW Cohort:

Please submit a completed Generic Cohort Course Registration form to Cohort Registration Services via fax at 703-993-3681 or scan and e-mail the form to

Late Registration Fee

Students have up to 48 hours from the first posted class to submit their Registration Request via Blackboard for continuing cohort students or via the paper Enrollment Form for new cohort students. If submitting a paper Enrollment Form please note that unsigned forms or digital signatures will not be accepted. After the 48 hour window, a late registration fee of $100 will be assessed for all courses including Internships.

Contract Course Drop Request

Students must use this form to ask to be dropped from a cohort course. Please complete the form in its entirety and send it to the Enrollment Services office by fax or email.  Signed forms may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to Cohort Registration Services at 703-993-3681. Cohort drop deadlines and refund policies will apply.

In-State Tuition Form

Please print out the in-state tuition form. This form is required of all students who are new to the university, who have not taken courses in more than a year or who are inactive due to graduation. This form must be submitted by the students before students can be registered in courses.  If a student chooses to take a non-contract course outside of their cohort program, the student will have to pay the out-of-state tuition price.  

Permission To Take a Course w/ Another Cohort

Cohorts are collaborative agreements between Mason and third party agencies, such as school systems, to offer Mason course sections specifically for their employees. While admission to the Mason program is governed by GMU, participation in a cohort is determined by the third party agency. Once you have been assigned to a cohort by your school, you should plan to take the courses as they are scheduled for your cohort group. However, since it is not always possible for students to follow their cohort schedule, at times students are granted permission to take courses outside of their cohort schedule.

Students may also request permission to take a course with another cohort within their county. To make a request to take a course within your county system but in a different cohort (e.g. you are in FX 45 but wish to join FX 44 for a specific course), contact the cohort liaison for your school system/agency.

Additionally, students may request permission to take a class outside of their school division. To make a request, complete the Permission to Take a Course with Another County/Agency and submit it to Mason. Mason will contact the agency to determine if space is available in the course and if you may attend.

Information for Taking a Non-Cohort Courses

Courses can be taken through the regular Mason schedule. Payment, registration and tuition fees for these sections will follow typical university processes and deadlines.

While students taking cohort courses pay in-state tuition and are not charged an additional out-of-state fee, students that choose to take a non-contract course outside of their cohort will be charged out-of-state tuition prices if their Domicile Status is out-of-state.  Domicile status is determined by Admissions upon application to the university or re-enrollment in a program. It is based on the information provided by the student on the In-state tuition form. Students may also view their domicile status in Patriotweb by clicking View Student Information under the Student Services tab. Students who wish to have their domicile classification re-considered must do so by following the Appeal Review Process. Questions about the documentation or process for domicile should be sent directly to the Domicile Office.