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School of Education - George Mason University
The Transformative Teaching program at George Mason University is no longer admitting students. Information about other Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction can be found here.

Earn a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Transformative Teaching. This degree is for working educators who want to develop their anti-racist, social justice-oriented teaching and leadership skills.

Transformative Teaching has a somewhat unique structure: as a cohort program, you and your peers progress through the degree as a group, in a faculty-designed curriculum that is administered in sequence. This creates a more seamless experience between your work as an educator and your engagement with the course material, and provides you with a supportive learning community throughout your two years with us and beyond.

This degree will enable you to:

(1) continually identify and rethink the routines and assumptions that shape your work.

(2) critically reflect upon and improve your practice with the support of a learning community of peers and faculty.

(3) design thoughtful and constructive responses to the obstacles that inhibit teaching and student learning.

(4) develop the skills and dispositions to commit to a career as an educator.

(5) be a leader in your school, your professional associations, and your community as an anti-racist, civically-engaged advocate for educators and students.


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