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All students in the Educational Psychology program develop a foundational understanding of theory, research methods, and measurement. 

Students can enroll part time or full time, completing a mix of face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Through individual assignments, concentration coursework, and the program capstone, students tailor the program to their interests and career goals. 

Program offerings include an undergraduate minor, graduate certificates in Data Literacy and Program Evaluation, and specialization in the PhD in Education program. We also offer the option for a bachelor's to accelerated master's (BAM) degree. Concentration areas for our Master of Science degree include:  

Applicants can select their concentration at the time of application or work with their advisor to craft their path. 

Who is this degree for?

This degree is for individuals interested in applying psychological principles and research findings to improve teaching methods, curriculum design, classroom management, and student outcomes.

With this degree, our graduates are well-prepared for careers, such as education data analyst and program evaluator, or to continue with advanced graduate study. They may work with educators, students, and administrators to address learning challenges, develop interventions, and promote academic success. 

What is educational psychology?

Educational psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on understanding how people learn and develop within educational settings. It involves studying various factors that influence learning, including cognitive, emotional, social, and environmental factors. An educational psychologist can apply their skill set to a range of diverse contexts. These contexts include PK-12 education, higher education, museums, business, government, nonprofit organizations, competitive sports, the military, and more.

Why study educational psychology at George Mason?

  • 15% discount for Virginia educators
  • Strong alumni network
  • Opportunity to create a program of study aligned with your career interests
  • Program led by nationally and internationally recognized faculty
  • Attentive faculty advisor works with students to develop their individualized program of study


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