School of Education - George Mason University

If you enjoy working with children and helping them expand their minds in order to grow into their full potential, then educational psychology might be the perfect career path for you.

This 30-credit master’s program is designed to offer professionals and students the opportunity to apply principles of learning, cognition, and motivation to vital problems in the area of education; develop a solid understanding of research, assessment, and evaluation methodologies; and develop an analytical and scholarly approach to critically assessing theoretical perspectives, research, and practice within and across content domains. By participating in a supportive and collegial environment with faculty from numerous educational disciplines and expertise, students are expected to develop the skills to meet the needs of diverse populations and design and implement effective educational programs appropriate for a broad range of cultural contexts.

Educational Psychology Core Courses (9 Credits)

All students are required to take a set of core educational psychology courses that will provide grounding in learning, motivation, and development.

Research Methodology Core Courses (9 Credits)

All students are required to take courses, which will enable them to conduct research intended to answer a question within an educational or organizational setting.

Concentration 3: Teacher Preparation (12 Credits)

Individuals pursuing the Educational Psychology, MS Concentration in Teacher Preparation must be admitted into one of the following teacher licensure certificate programs prior to completion of MS course work: English as a Second Language, Secondary Education, Students with Disabilities who Access the General Curriculum, Students with Disabilities who Access the Adapted Curriculum, or Visual Impairments. Students apply three courses (9 credits) from within one of the above mentioned teacher licensure certificate programs toward their MS degree in educational psychology with the expectation that they will complete the teacher certification program.

Complete a directed reading/project, or thesis (3 credits). Students choose either:

  • Transfer in 9 credit hours from teacher licensure certificate (see above)

Total: 30 credits