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Educational Psychology Careers

There are many Educational Psychology career opportunities. Schools and educational institutions, community organizations and learning centers as well as government and private research centers work with these professionals to improve their learning systems.

There are a wide variety of careers in Educational Psychology available to each of the various Educational Psychology concentrations. The most popular are listed below, by concentration.

Learning, Cognition, and Motivation Concentration

  • Community college instructor
  • Consultant to families of children with specific needs in student's area of specialty
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Research assistant or associate on grant-funded research teams

Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing Concentration

  • Community college instructor
  • Consultant in testing and research settings (e.g., schools, industry, and government)
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Data analyst (e.g., schools, industry, and government)
  • Evaluation and research specialist in school districts in central accountability offices
  • Project manager (e.g., assessment and training of employees)
  • Research assistant or associate on grant-funded research teams
  • Researcher on program development, evaluation, and assessment
  • Supervisor of assessment and planning
  • Academic assessment officer in higher education settings
  • Independent consultant Back to Top

Teacher Preparation Concentration

  • Prepares students in meeting the requirements for full teacher licensure
  • Teacher Licensure Certificates:
    • Special Education,
    • Secondary Education,
    • Foreign Language, and
    • English as a Second Language