School of Education - George Mason University

Teacher Licensure Internship Application Deadlines

  • Spring:
    • September 15 for placement requests
    • November 1 for on-the-job requests
  • Summer:
    • February 15 for placement requests
  • Fall:
    • February 15 for placement requests
    • July 1 for on-the-job requests

ABA Practicum Application Deadlines

  • Spring: November 15
  • Summer: March 15
  • Fall: July 1

Internship and Practicum Application

Students will be notified by Mason email when applications open each semester.   Step-by-step instructions for applying are outlined in the email and on the application. Students applying for internships in special education teacher preparation program will use the internship application for licensure. Students in the ABA program completing the optional practicum in ABA will use the ABA application.  It is imperative that students carefully follow the process for applying and adhere to all deadlines.

Internship and Practicum Registration

Unless otherwise arranged with an advisor, students in teaching programs will register for 3 credits of internship. Students in the ABA program should register for either 3 or 6 credits depending on the placement and credits requested by the student. To ensure students who are registering for internship have an internship application on file, registration forms will only be accepted as part of the online internship application. 

Once university supervisor assignments have been made interns will be registered in their supervisors’ sections. Students can confirm the Internship or Practicum course has been added to their record by checking their student schedule in Patriotweb two weeks prior to the start of the semester. If students do not see registration in their internship course after they’ve been notified by the Clinical Practice Office of their supervisor assignment, they should contact

Frequently asked questions

When do I apply for internship?

Students in special education teacher preparation programs should complete internship in their final semester or close to the end of the program.  Students should consult with an advisor about plans for internship immediately upon entering the program to ensure they are aware of all application and testing deadlines.

What can I do if I want to plan for an on-the-job licensure internship for the upcoming spring or fall but don’t have information about my job before the deadline to apply?

Complete the on-the-job internship by the application deadlines. In the section of the application that asks for employment setting information and employer approval, indicate “TBD.” Once you have details on your employment, complete the on-the-job revision section of Blackboard with your position details and administrator approval. Position information must be provided by August 1 for summer and fall internships, and by December 1 for the spring session.

What should I do if I want to complete an on-the-job licensure internship but don’t yet have my position details or don't know if I will be hired?

Students should apply for placement. If they are hired into a setting that is appropriate for an on-the-job internship, they may switch their application from placement to an on-the-job internship by contacting their advisor and submitting an addendum to the application. Position information must be submitted no later than August 1 for fall internships and December 1 for spring internships.