School of Education - George Mason University

Careers in special education expand beyond the classroom. Professional advancement benefits consultants, advocates, tutors, parents, curriculum specialists, coordinators and other practitioners.

These programs allow those in teaching and non-teaching areas to deepen their understanding of the field and specialize their knowledge. Teachers in general and special education can learn more about their students and how to support them. Parents can develop skills to assist their children. Coursework is available in specialized reading instruction, supporting individuals with autism, and special education leadership. The MEd in Special Education can be paired with specific focus areas or content can be individualized based on student interests.

 Alexandra Rose Student

Student Insights

Alexandra Rhoads, Student, PhD in Education & Spec Educ-General Curriculum Certificate

The Special Education graduate program allowed me to complete my coursework while still teaching full-time and gaining on-the-job skills. The professors are very helpful and supportive, and the program overall is diverse and open-minded to students with many types of backgrounds and disabilities."