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School of Education - George Mason University

Early Childhood Education

By working with both young children and their families, help create a path for success for children in the earliest years of their education. Graduates work with diverse populations of varying cultures, languages, and abilities.

The Early Childhood Education program can lead to licensure in one of two areas (or both):

  • Early/Primary Education, preparing teachers to work in classrooms teaching children from prekindergarten to third grade.
  • Early Childhood Special Education, preparing teachers to work with children with special needs from birth to age five. (Offered in collaboration with the Special Education program.)

Degree Options: Undergraduate Major, Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s, Master’s Degree

If you are passionate about helping young children and their families create a solid educational foundation, our advisors would love to share more with you about this program!

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To learn more about the faculty, course work, and degree options, visit the
Early Childhood Education website.