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School of Education - George Mason University
Who is Eligible to Apply? More Less

Individuals enrolled in or who wish to enroll in one of the six participating universities and who are seeking endorsement in Adapted Curriculum K-12. Applicants must meet admission requirements of the university to which they are applying (see "How Do I Apply").

What are the Program Requirements? More Less

The Consortium has developed a state approved, 36 credit hour program that leads to state endorsement in Adapted Curriculum K-12. The program consists of ten 3-credit classes offered annually. An additional 6-credits of internship are required. Students enrolled full-time are able to complete the entire program in one calendar year. Most students attend part-time and complete the program over a longer period.

Students who accept tuition stipends may be required to complete a service obligation in which they are required to teach in special education for a certain period of time. Program participants are also expected to maintain a 3.0 average to remain eligible for funding. Because of the emphasis on technology, participants are also expected to be competent computer users and have access to a reliable internet connection and e-mail account.

Individuals who currently hold a VA provisional license in the area of Adapted Curriculum K-12 or work as instructional assistants supporting students with severe disabilities are eligible for the "State Grant" funded by the Virginia Department of Education. Grant assignment has implications for funding and tuition only, and does not affect program requirements such as the number of required courses. Upon acceptance into the Consortium, students will be notified of their assignment grant and the requirements for accepting funding under that grant.

How is the SD Consortium Unique? More Less

Individuals interested in applying to the Consortium must meet the admission requirements of their selected university to enroll in classes at that university. Furthermore, individuals need to complete the Consortium application and submit to the affiliated faculty member at their selected university. Applications must be received and reviewed well in advance before students are eligible to enroll in a course. Decisions about tuition support are determined by the faculty contact at each university, and are contingent on acceptance into the program.

Please note that application procedures for each university vary. However, all applicants must have passed Praxis I or the SAT/ACT equivalent for admission into the SD Consortium.

What Courses Are Offered? More Less

Each course is offered annually according to the schedule below.

List of Courses Being Offered Fall Courses Spring Courses Summer Courses
Characteristics of Students with Severe Disabilities
Communication and Severe Disabilities
Curriculum and Assessment
Positioning and Handling
Positive Behavior Support
Reading and Literacy
Teaching Strategies
Teamwork and Consultation
Transition and Community Based Instruction