School of Education - George Mason University

Students must meet certain test requirements for their program and show evidence of Emergency First Aid, CPR, and Use of AED Certification of Training at the time of application for internship. Students can complete a quick survey to identify the test requirements for their program and to learn about approved substitute options. If the requirements are not on record prior to the application deadline, students will need to apply for internship in a future semester.

Students completing Virginia licensure programs are eligible for an exemption from some exams if the Special Education licensure area they are pursuing will not be their initial teacher licensure in Virginia. Students exempt for this reason must provide documentation of this exemption

Non-course Requirements for each program are provided below:

Special Education-General Curriculum certificate

Special Education-Adapted Curriculum certificate

Special Education- Visual Impairments PK-12 certificate

Applied Behavior Analysis certificate

  • No test scores are required by Mason.

Masters in Special Education

  • No test scores required by Mason as long as students are not completing a licensure program in conjunction with the MEd.

What are the deadlines for reporting test scores?

Test scores are typically received by the university within 5-6 weeks of the test date. Students must plan ahead so that test scores are on record in time to meet the following internship application deadlines. Students who do not have official, sealed test scores on file by the internship application deadlines will not be able to do internship and will need to apply for a subsequent semester.

Summer - April 1
Fall - April 1
Spring - October 1

Summer – February 1
Fall – February 1
Spring – September 1