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Course Scheduling Sequence

Prerequisite course

Characteristics of Students with VI (3 credits), offered fall and spring, depending on enrollment.
Students may begin program during any semester.

Core Special Education Courses

  • Semester offerings vary by university, please check with you university for schedule.
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Language Development and Reading


  • Braille Code (3 cr.)
  • Medical and Educational Implications of VI (3 cr.)
  • Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments (3 cr.)
  • Positive Behavior Supports (3 cr.)


  • Curriculum and Assessment for Students with VI (3 cr.)
  • Braille Reading and Writing (3 cr.)


  • Teaching Methods for Students with VI (3 cr.)
  • Orientation and Mobility for Students with VI (2 cr.)
  • Collaborative Teamwork (3 cr.)


  • 4-12 credit units; Requirements vary slightly across different universities.

Note: These courses may be listed under a different name at your participating university; check with your university liaison. Courses are available each semester and are taken through home university.