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Currently, all participating universities offer certification or coursework options in blindness and vision impairment. Mason and Radford also offer Master degrees is Special Education with a focus in Visual Impairment and Blindness.

University Certificate Masters in SPED with Specialization in BVI Undergraduate degree in BVI Minor in BVI PhD in Special Education with faculty to support those in BVI
Mason Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Radford Yes Yes
ODU Yes Yes

Mason Program Information

Mason offers the following degree options:
  • Undergraduate Minor
  • Undergraduate Major
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Master’s Degree

Details for Mason BVI degree options are found on this page:
Certificate - Visual Impairments PK-12 Licensure.

All applicants and current students must seek advising before and during their program.
For Mason Special Education academic advising, please access this website for advisors and appointment scheduling.