School of Education - George Mason University

The Special Education Outreach Program tuition refund policy is designed to align with the official GMU policy for dropped classes. Modifications exist due to the unique nature of the outreach cohort schedule. If you:

  • Drop course up to 14 days after posted first class meeting: Full refund
  • Drop course later than 14 days after posted first class meeting: no refund

The day count for drops and refunds are inclusive of the date of the first class. The first night of class is considered to be day 1. For those students in an On Line/On Demand course and have been enrolled after the posted first night of class, day 1 for drops is the date of their registration confirmation email.

If tuition has not been paid at the time the course is dropped, the student still owes tuition following the same schedule as refunds:

  • Drop course up to 14 days after posted first class meeting: no tuition must be paid
  • Drop course later than 14 days after posted first class meeting: full tuition must be paid

Courses must be dropped officially using the Drop Form and emailed to or faxed to 703-993-3681. The date/time of your e-mail/fax will determine your refund. Drops must be requested within 20 calendar days of the published start date of the course unless otherwise noted in the cohort-specific course section. Withdrawal requests after this period may be approved by the Dean for non-academic reasons that prevent course completion. Third party documentation is required; i.e. a doctor’s note explaining that an illness or injury prevents completion of the course. Students should consult with their advisor for further information.

Check refunds generally take 5 weeks to be processed and will be mailed by the University's Cash Office.

Refunds for tuition paid by credit card or debit card will be refunded back to the card account. You will receive an automatic statement from our online payment system about the refund, but credit card companies usually takes 2-3 days to actually post the money to your account.

Please note: unless you follow the Drop Policy and submit the Drop Form, you will still be enrolled in the course. You will owe tuition and late fees, you will have a hold on your Student Account, a grade will be entered in your academic record and after 60 days you will be sent to a collections agency for non-payment.

Please refer to the Internship Application and Registration page for the drop/refund policies for Internships.